Bases and Watchtowers

PRIMUR has different models of bases and watchtowers designed for beach rescue. These products are manufactured with carefully chosen materials to guarantee their resistance to weather.

  • Removable units.
  • Resistant and self-supporting metal framing structure.
  • Resistant to moist and weather.

Bases and Watchtower Models

Low Watching Base

  • Closed squared watchtower.
  • Allows 360-degree surveillance.
  • It has a ramp to access from the sand level.

Watch technical data (PDF) Watch measures (PDF)

High Surveillance Base

  • Watchtower for beach or pool rescue service, with seat.
  • Fixed ladder to access the upper part.
  • Solar screen to protect the guard.
  • Metal structure and walls made of high-press laminated board.

Watch technical data (PDF) Watch measures (PDF)

Fixed Surveillance Tower

  • Fixed surveillance tower for beach rescue, 9-meter high approx. Squared prism shape and lattice structure.
  • Equipped with pulpit, hand bar, access ladder and crossed shaped flag pole.

Watch technical data (PDF) Watch measures (PDF)

Movable Watchtower

  • Watch tower for beach or rescue service.
  • Great balance and lightness. Can be moved by just one person, even on dry sand.
  • Fitted with wheel-folding mechanism to avoid movement, and solar screen.

Watch technical data (PDF) Watch measures (PDF)

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