Information Office

Primur has several models of information offices. They have an aluminium and steel structure, resistant and durable, suitable for street use.

We have models in different styles and sizes with different options for every model.

Information Office Models

Cubo Booth

  • Monobloc squared plant construction.
  • Front with showcase-doors with hydraulic system and sides with windbreak doors.
  • Furniture includes one front counter and two on the sides made of granite.
  • Sink in the storage room.
  • Hydraulic system to move the doors.
  • This facility is designed as a news-stand but can be adapted for other activities.
  • Design by Francisco Somoza- Architect.

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T5 Booth

  • Monobloc construction, squared plants and outside pillars.
  • Being a monobloc construction allows easy relocation.
  • Adaptable for multiple uses.
  • Steel structure base.
  • Peripheral metallic structure, resistant and self-moving.
  • Fiberglass polyester monobloc roof, see-through and reflective.
  • Walls made of opaque metal or high-press laminated panels.
  • Furniture includes showcases, shelves and counter.
  • Power installation integrated with connection box, control and protection panel and power sockets in accordance with regulations.

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Levante Booth

  • Resistant materials, suitable for uses in beach areas.
  • Squared plant monobloc construction with solar cover.
  • Designed for info office use but can be adapted for other purposes.

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Guía de Isora Booth

  • Octagonal plant booth adapted for information office and/or tourism.
  • Customer service through counter windows protected with autoblocking blinds.
  • Main door has an autoblocking blind with electrical activation.
  • Galvanised steel structure with finishing in polyester polymerised at 200º paint. Octagonal and round columns with Corinthian lintel are made of cast steel.
  • Fiberglass polyester roof with solar cover.

Watch technical data (PDF) Watch measures (PDF)

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