Other Urban Furniture

In every reform of urban spaces, you want to attain neat and friendly public spaces where you can get information, fitted with equipments integrated in the environment.

Citizen service counters, information points, advertisement displays, bins, ischium-rest benches, etc. conform the line of products and services that PRIMUR has been developing.

Ischium-rest benches

  • These elements ease resting by leaning the lower part of the body.
  • Mainly installed on train and bus stops.
  • Different designs in different materials.

Information poles

  • Vertical units that signalize bus stop and can include information about the lines or route.
  • High posts that identify the bus company and line, or double-faced elements that allow to give more information about the lines and routes.
  • Possibility of lighting.
  • Fixed to the ground through a little concrete basement to assure stability.

RENFE furniture-Mobile Information Counter

  • Mobile counter for middle and long distance travellers attention.
  • Versions with and without cupboard.
  • Option of signalling light, cupboard and support for control tablet.
  • Materials in galvanised steel, stove lacquered.

RENFE furniture-Ticket machine cover

  • Protection cover against water for ticket machines installed on platforms.
  • Structure and enclosures made of galvanised lacquered steel.
  • Folding cover with automatic blinds to close out of service hours.

RENFE furniture-Showcases

  • Showcases to show schedules and routes of RENFE and FEVE lines. Metric wide.
  • Installation can be made into the station or on the platforms.
  • Available in several sizes. Can be installed on supports or directly fixed to the wall.
  • Solid and resistant as they are made of stainless steel.

Advertisement display (MUPI and MaxiMupi)

  • Panels designed for advertisement display.
  • Standard sizes, 2, 6, 8 and 12 m2 of showing surface.
  • Single or double-faced.
  • Steel structure and coating in lacquered aluminum.


  • Bins designed for different urban environments
  • Designed to be separated elements or fixed to the wall.
  • Some models have an inside bucket to adjust the bag.
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