Regular Toilets

We have a great offer of manufactured toilets, individual and multiple. They are monobloc structures that can be moved completely assembled, allowing a fast installation.

Materials used are high-quality and anti-vandalism. We offer a wide range of internal and external coating in stainless steel, corten, wood, ceramic, vitrified tiles, HPL, etc..

We adapt to the needs of every client. We manufacture the toilet the client wants. Any of the self-cleaning toilets can be manufactured as a regular toilet.

We are experts in customizing your equipment. Allowing every city to have a corporate image and identification of the location.

Main Features

  • Free access with coins or card.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Presence sensor.
  • Automatic toilet closing off the clock.
  • Accessibility certified.
  • Stainless-steel accessories (soap dispenser, paper, dryer).
  • WC in stainless-steel or ceramic.
  • Urinals in stainless-steel or ceramics.
  • Floor drain for easy washing down.
  • Natural light.
  • Emergency light.
  • Polished stainless-steel mirror.

All accessories and equipments are adaptable, allowing the client to adapt it to every location.

Regular Toilet Models

Pericones Multiple Toilet

  • Regular Toilet, male and female access.
  • Hot galvanised steel urinals.
  • Maintenance room.
  • Corten steel external coating.
  • Door light.
  • Access with coins, card or push button.
  • LED Lightning.
  • Time access control.
  • Stainless steel door.

Mosaico Regular Toilet

  • Several configurations and shapes. It allows to join several toilets to have a flexible installation.
  • Hot galvanised steel structure.
  • Vitrified ceramic external coating.
  • HPL screens.
  • Stainless-steel door.
  • Conformable inside equipment.
  • Programmable automatic closing.
  • LED Lightning.
  • Presence detector.
  • Natural light.

Mediterraneo Regular Toilet

  • Galvanised steel structure.
  • External and internal coating in HPL.
  • Printed aluminium sandwich for external graphics.
  • Several configurations and sizes.
  • Low consume LED lightning.
  • Different options of equipment, automatism, control and advertisement.

Multiple Toilet

  • Monobloc unit 6 x 2,5m divided in info and toilet area.
  • Galvanised steel frame structure covered with galvanised steel plate coated with polyester powder at 200ºC.
  • Polyester cover reinforced with fiberglass and decorative final touch.
  • Info area has a cupboard, workable window and inside counter with shelfs.
  • Toilet area has a WC for disabled people with an independent external door access. Anti-slip floor, ceramic WC.
  • Transport and installation on concrete base built by the client according to Primur requirements.
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