Self-cleaning toilets

We are specialised in manufacturing self-cleaning toilets. Our engineering manufactures and develops our self-cleaning systems. They guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and disinfection of the market endorsed by more than one hundred clients who renew their trust in us year after year.

We manufacture monobloc booths with concrete or metallic structure. The materials used guarantee an optimal hygiene and disinfection of surfaces. Another highlight is the automation of all its elements that guarantee the life of our equipments against acts of vandalism.

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Main Features

  • Entrance configurable system with switch, coins, card (magnetic or contactless) or through code. Access from the outside through key for emergency or maintenance causes.
  • Stainless steel, armoured, anti-vandalism door with electromagnetic lock. Possibility of automatic or fold-opening from the outside with key for emergency or maintenance causes.
  • Maintenance area with access from the inside with security key, no outer doors. It allows its installation in any area.
  • Inside units made of stainless steel with anti-vandalism elements.
  • Bult-in washbasin made of stainless steel with automatic function on exposure. Sequential activation of washing, lather up and drying with proximity sensor.
  • LED artificial light providing more than 200 lux per square metre. One metre high from the floor during the usage.
  • Emergency light. • Natural light.
  • Heating with thermostat.
  • Recessed fireproof bin made of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel hanger.
  • Stainless steel polished unbreakable mirror.
  • Floor washing system from several pressure water exits and with anti-blockage.
  • Floor washing water and cover disinfected and deodorized.
  • Seca manos de aire caliente, con funcionamiento a la exposición, integrado en el lavamanos.
  • Stainless steel supporting bars.
  • Free, occupied or out of order toilet indicator on the outside.
  • Presence detector
  • Illuminated instructions of use on the outside written in three languages.
  • Multilanguage instructions of use in the inside.
  • Programmable clock for time of use limitation.
  • Automatic lock of the door with latch in folding doors.
  • Information inside the booth about the functioning of the self-cleaning system.
  • Push button security system for emergency.
  • Automatic lock system in case of lack of water pressure.
  • Acoustic alarm for limited time of use.
  • LED clock for limited time of use for users.
  • Service counter.
  • Natural and artificial ventilation.
  • Checking of the toilet, statistics, failure notices, etc. through web platform.
  • Identification of the state of the toilet (free, occupied and self-cleaning), using backlit pictograms.
  • Rain water harvest inside.


The self-cleaning process starts after every use and is guaranteed by the presence detectors:

  • Self-cleaning of the stainless-steel WC. Automatic folding cover made of stainless steel/corian/PVC. Cover washing through several pressure water exits. Self-cleaning
    cycle activation after each use with water, disinfection and cover drying. Our patented self-cleaning process guarantees the highest disinfection and drying of the market with minimal maintenance cost.
  • Washbasin self-cleaning through water with disinfectant sprinkler.
  • Floor washing system from several pressure water exits with disinfectant and anti-blockage.


  • Outside urinals with hiding screen.
  • Outside fountain made of stainless-steel.
  • Advertisement screen.
  • Perimeter light.
  • Rain water harvest use.
  • Maintenance screen in the electrical panel allows to identify registered errors and modify the regularity of the self-cleaning and program the clock.

Technical Support

Primur has the most modern communication system with our toilets. We integrate our equipments with Smart city concepts. This system has these main features.
Remote control of the toilet

  • Time clock setting
  • Emergency opening
  • Checking of the right functioning
  • Failure diagnosis

Maintenance management WEB platform

This is an effective and flexible tool that allows the client to connect online 24/7 with the toilet through a GPRS connection from any device accessing the web.

It allows real-time monitoring of the toilet for checking purposes like consumables, temperature and water pressure. It also creates all kind of statistics to help you prevent and plan maintenance works.

The client can download history records of usage to assess how effective the installation of the toilet is, it is presented through graphics.

Alarm management system

The user can set the alarms he wants in a friendly web environment and send them through e-mail to contacts. The user can also set the criteria to create these alarms like in emergency case, lack of paper, lack of disinfectant, out of order, etc.

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