Service Units

Our service units are designed to cover all necessities in lifeguarding, police and other public services needed in beach areas.

As many of our products, our Primur service units have steel structure and walls that guarantee strength, insulation and lightness in this kind of constructions.c

  • Removable units.
  • Self-supporting and resistant metal frame structure.
  • Different solutions for internal and external coating: treated wood, glass, stainless steel, high-press laminated board.
  • Different options of equipment: toilet, infirmary, diaper changing area, etc.
  • The client chooses printing.

Service Units

Levante Playa (5 units)

  • Consist of 5 cubic booths, a wooden canopy and perimeter wooden floor.
  • All units are removable and assembled with screws. The booth can be disassembled in 3 monobloc units.
  • Inside floor in high-density board.
  • All external walls are made of laminated security glass (stadip type). Inside layer of the board in high-press laminated board (resistant to moisture).
  • The units have 5 front glass doors. One each with outwards opening.
  • Stainless steel flat roof. Finishing colour is applied in an automatic facility with degreasingp hosphate, washing, drying and polymerised powder painting.
  • Solar screen structure is independent and made of tubular frame stainless steel.
  • Connection box for energy counter and fuses integrated for ground power supply. Inside panel with power control switch, high sensitivity differential switch, magneto thermic protection switches, power sockets.

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Levante Playa

  • Information office included.
  • Polyester roof

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Levante Madera

  • Inside panels in galvanised steel painted with polymerised polyester powder paint.
  • Insulation with glass wool in-between.
  • Customer service through folding window (gas spring opening).

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Playa Poniente

  • Base and platform made of metal profiles, floor made of wooden planks.
  • Booth structure made of self-supporting and resistant metal profiles.
  • Polyester with fiberglass roof.
  • See-through walls made of glass. Opaque walls made of high-press laminated metallic panels.
  • Walls, ventilation screen, upper mesh or metal framework, power installation integrated with connection box, control and protection panel and power sockets in accordance to regulations. All these elements are removable.
  • Optional watchtower.
  • Optional inside storage.

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Módulo de Servicios Oasis

  • This unit consist of: toilet-changing room, bin, diaper changing screen and bench. All elements under a canopy and wooden floor.
  • Tightened canopy made of galvanised carbon steel laminated profiles and stainless steel. Inside coating in wood.
  • Several elements are sheltered under the canopy to complete the unit.
  • Structure, finishing and coating in Polyester powder polymerised at 200º paint finishing. With a previous degreasing and phosphate painting.
  • Structure: Main beam and binder beam in-between steel pillars.
  • Stainless steel tubular profile straps.
  • Fake roof made of Jatoba and Iroco wood strips.
  • Wood treated in autoclave, stainless screws and tubular trim in gloss stainless steel.
  • Both the self-cleaning toilet booth and changing room have vertical walls made of laminated security glass (Stadip type). Inner layer made of high-press laminated board, resistant to moisture. Connection box for energy counter and fuses integrated for ground power supply. Inside panel with power control switch, high sensitivity differential switch, magneto thermic protection switches.
  • Shower model "ola" made of stainless steel, consist of a central prism body, 1 prinkler and 1 feet-shower.
  • Bench made of varnished wooden plank. Base made of stainless steel tubes.
  • Bin with cylindrical body, inside cover of 60 litre capacity approx.. Stainless steel cover.

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Poniente Gandia

  • Beach services units for different uses. Most of them finished in stainless steel.
  • Consist of 3 monobloc squared plant booths. They are placed on a platform with rails and door of access.
  • Finishing in stainless-steel.
  • Automatic blinds with perimeter closing in case of vandalism.

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