Special Works

We cooperate with our clients proposing materials and sollutions so THEIR IDEAS IMPROVE THE LIFE OF PEOPLE in urban areas.

We turn ideas into

Special Works Models

EMTUSA Taveller Service Building

  • Squared plant building.
  • Resistant and self-supporting metal mrame structure.
  • Inside and outside equipment designed for public transport users.
  • Consist of a user service area, office area. Toilete and storage.
  • Security laminated see-through glass enclosures.
  • Opaque enclosures made of stainless steel plates.

Proa Building

  • Designed in different levels taking advantage of the gap between sand and promenade.
  • The designg plays with the volumes and make them look like containers that remind us of a harbour. With a walkway, stairs and terraces that complete a set integrated in the landscape.

Serie 1900 Bar-Terrace Segovia Building

  • Thi squared plant pavilion with dome consist of clip-on elements.
  • It has been designed to be a terrace-bar and has two toilet booths for disabled people thatcan be opened with remote control.
  • Resistant and sel-supporting metal frame structure.
  • Laminated security see-through glass enclosures.
  • Opaque enclosures made of sandwich panel. External and internal layers made of galvanised steel plates. In-between layer made of phenolyc board.
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester roof with front and side solar screens.
  • Lighting and air-conditioning equipment.
  • In the front of the pavilion there is a bar with blinds for the closure.
  • Access through two folding doors.

Renfe Passenger Modular Station

  • Resistant and self-supporting metal frame structure.
  • Laminated security see-through glass enclosures.
  • Opaque enclosures made of stainless steel plates.
  • Floor made of polished stainless-steel plates.
  • Inside equipment designed for ticket selling and access control for users.
  • Lighting and air-conditioning equipment.

Kasis Stand

  • Concrete and metal framing structure.
  • Front folding panels.
  • Outside enclosure made of pine wood tables treated in autoclave III and IV.
  • Enclosure made of laminated security see-through glass for the customer service area.
  • Fitted for ticket selling. It has a little kitchen and a toilet for private use, a public self-cleaning
    toilet booth and a private area.
  • Lighting and power and water supply installation.

Kiosco Parque Málaga

  • Monobloc construction stand with oval plant designed to use as a bar.
    Oval independent solar screen.
  • Self-cleaning public toilet with optional outside entrance.
  • Base made of galvanised steel metal frame.
  • Floor made of anti-slip stainless steel plates on DM board.
  • Outside coating in dovetail exotic wood.
  • Counter made of stainless steel or exotic wood with two heights for disabled people.
  • Solar screen made of galvanised steel tubular frame covered with galvanised stainless steel
  • Upper part coated with reflective silver paint to absorb heat.

Telepizza Stand

  • Modular squared plant construction.
  • It has a cylinder on the top to storage machinery. Also on the front and the sides where the displays can be placed.
  • Front fitted with blinds to access the kitchen.
  • Resistant and self-supporting metal frame structure.
  • Outside round counter made of tubullar profiles covered with DM board and polyrey (red or similar).
  • Fitted with lighting, air-conditioning system, power and water supply installation.

ONCE Stand

  • PRIMUR has been manufacturing more than 8.200 stands and lottery stalls for more than 25 years. They can be found on the street or in malls. ONCE stands for Spanish Blind people National Organization.
  • These models have been designed according to the client needs and are fitted for selling use.These stands have different models depending on the region. They are already typical in our streets and are perfectly integrated in little urban spaces.

Los Encants Market

  • Resistant and self-supporting metal frame structure.
  • Enclosure made of coated steel plates.
  • Front aluminium blind.
  • Several uses: grocery store, modular store and showcase.
  • It is fitted with shelves, supports and inside power sockets. The bigger size models also have lighting.

Artenerife Pavilion

  • Removable structure designed for craftworks shop.
  • Stainless steel structure.
  • Enclosure made of laminated security see-through glass.
  • Opaque enclosure on storage area with fuse boxes.
  • Roof made of exotic wood treated for weather resistance.
  • Lighting and air-conditioning installation.

Simpromi Pavillion

  • Squared plant modular pavilion made of clip-on elements.
  • Stainless steel structure.
  • Opaque enclosure on the top and sides are made of coated stainless steel plates.
  • Enclosure made of see-through laminated security glass.
  • Two folding glass-doors.
  • Lighting and electrical installations.

Music Pavilion

  • Round pavilion with a 10 m diameter dome and two heights. Made of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin.
  • Supported by 12 galvanised steel pillars coated in grey oxiron.
  • Inside enclosure made of 6 coated and galvanised iron handrails.
  • Fake dome roof made of coated aluminium slats in walnut wood colour.Perimeter strip made of coated galvanised plates.
  • Lighting with oculos installed on the fake roof.
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