Euro toilet

Description and features

Anti-vandalism toilet booth, monobloc construction, and squared floor. With flat roof formed by a raised prism and a small technical area in the back, accessible from the outside, for the maintenance
of electrical installations, plumbing, and automation. The toilet has a stainless steel structure and walls formed by external and internal composite panels in stainless steel sheet, lacquered and internal core in a phenolic board.

With an anti-vandalism system inside and outside, the toilet has an anti-slip floor in stainless steel and it is equipped with toilet (self-cleaning, conventional or chemical), washbasin, built-in paper bin, hangers, mirror, soap dispenser and hand dryer.

The toilet booth has natural and artificial LED illumination; ventilation by a grill perimeter band; instructions inside and outside; pictograms and external vinyl inscriptions on translucent upper window; a clock to program the hours of use; a presence control and an automatic access control by cash, magnetic stripe or Mifare, and a numeric keypad or pushbutton.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Conventional
  • Solar chemical

Possibility to install solar roof

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