An international post-sales service

We are aware of the importance of the qualities and that time is of the essence in global projects conceived for a certain environment as well as in special orders with specific designs and utility needs. This is the reason why we have developed the staff, technical and material equipments needed to ensure this service.

Primur job doesn’t end with the installation of our products. Our maintenence and post-sale services are at your disposal to answer all those complaints that can occur during the warranty period, or after it is concluded.

A wide net of assistance with more than 20 maintenance teams strategically distributed at a national and ternational level. Our presence in France, Germany and Portugal make possible a perfect maintenance service all around Europe as soon as possible.

An ecological management model

A change of trend has been taking over with institutions avoiding expenses in urban furniture and moving closer to models of long term hiring with maintenance included. This trend has caused a change in PRIMUR S.A. strategy.

We also support the creation of projects under the system of Public-Private collaboration stated in the TRLCSP law of 2011.

The renting system is considered a strategy in Ecodesign, as the re-use of products implies an environmental benefit when the user doesn’t need those equipments any more (quote: IHOBE, Sociedad Pública de Gestión Ambiental, “Guía sectorial de ecodiseño en Mobiliario Urbano” Feb 20120) This implies environmental improvement in:

  • A lower use of raw material.
  • A lower consumption in the manufacturing process.
  • The adaptation of the product to its use.
  • An increase of the life cycle.
  • A lower waste generation.
  • Contact us to lay out your projects in touch with toilet booths, kiosks, beach equipments, mobility, transport stops, etc.

A la medida de sus necesidades

Primur offers a wide range of maintenance services, offering our client an effective service that grants the life of our product and their functionality. Keeping our equipments in perfect shape for the use of our final customer, the citizens who benefit from them.

  • Maintenance of toilet booths for local corporations.
  • Cleaning of toilet booths for local corporations.
  • Maintenance for stands and booths.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of marquees and bus posts.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of advertisement panel: MUPI, OPI, MaxiMUPI, MUPI SENIOR.
  • Cleaning of anti- vandalism surfaces.
  • Electrical and electronical maintenance.
  • Mechanical maintenance.
  • Civil engineering maintenance.
  • Full repair in Urban Furniture Workshop.