Turia Flores

Description and features
– Monobloc construction stall with squared plant. Rear corners rounded.
– Fiberglass reinforced polyester bent cover with ornaments.
– Fitted for selling flowers but can be adapted for other uses.
– Stainless steel tubular profile structure.
– Front wall has laminated glass and a central blind.
– Opaque walls of the sides and rear made of “traventino” marble.
– Announcement made in aluminium panel “alucubomd”.
– Corner trims incorporated.
– Canopy made of tempered glass on a steel structure.
– Fixed-counter made of granite in opaque zone has a cupboard under it.
– Metallic shelves in glazed area.
– Sink with water tap.
– Central gutter on the floor for water harvesting.
– Folding ladder to access the storage under the roof.
– Front and side canopies.
– Outside lighting.
– Electrical installation and phone jack.

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