Toilets not-adapted to people with reduced mobility (no PRM)

The self-cleaning toilet booths, designed to be used by drivers of urban and interurban transport, are robust and able to avoid actions of vandalism. They have multiple options of equipment, cleaning system and access control.

During the installation phase, our customers may have some problems related to the activation of electricity, water and sanitation services, because these facilities are usually located at the beginning and at the end of the line, in less urbanised areas.

For these cases, and always keeping the high quality and design, Primur has developed toilets that incorporate alternative energy sources with photovoltaic energy and chemical toilet solutions for areas without access to a sanitation network.

Our toilet booths have the ability to transmit information about their status in real time. For example, they can detect breakdowns or, due to automatic warnings, they can inform about the lack of soap, disinfectant or paper. The knowledge of this information makes it possible to ensure that the toilets are always in an optimal state of operation and maintain a percentage of availability of more than a 98%.

Available models